Kasbah Café and Bazaar review

Posted on 4 June 2012
By Amber Tan
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The hustle and bustle of Bold Street is growing to fever pitch for summer and we felt a palpable air of calm wash over us as we entered the peaceful Moroccan oasis of serenity in the heart of the city.

Kasbah Café and Bazaar is the latest addition to Liverpool’s bohemian high street and a fine addition to its burgeoning gourmet society.

Upon our server’s recommendation we started with the traditional Mint Tea to cleanse the palate and it is a satisfying taste to continue through your meal.

Kasbah is perfect for watching the world go by and the only measure of time is the water fountain, which tinkles gently in the background.

The Tangier Prawns marinated with tomato Moroccan-style were a tasty starter. We also devoured tapas-style side dishes of diced beetroot, Marrakesh-style samosas filled with minced beef and cheese and chilli chutney wrapped in crisp filo pastry and succulent Lamb Chop cutlets in spices.

The Tagine de Fez with lamb, caramelised prunes, roasted almonds and apricots was divine, with the tenderest fall-off-the-bone meat and a very subtle texture and citrus sweetness soaked in to the meat, making it one of the most memorable lamb dishes we’ve ever tried.

For a happy ending to our tale, we wolfed down the delicate Baklawa parcels and Kasbah Pancakes with apple and cinnamon filling, topped with toffee sauce, putting over-filled American-style pancakes in the shade.

‘Be bohemian, be happy’ is its slogan and we’re already planning our next visit for an excuse to try out the Moroccan Afternoon Tea and the world’s first electronic shisha.

The only way they could have improved the dining experience for us, would have been to add a chill-out room with cushions, shisha pipes and belly dancers. Much needed to sleep off the baby lambs we devoured and count more sheep, before re-entering the hurried pace of the city centre.