John Lewis and Marks and Spencer unveil Christmas ads, competing again for the nation’s affections

Posted on 11 November 2017
By Thalia Ash Gold
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As Christmas approaches, one of the first prime indicators for us to go and dig out Christmas decorations is the arrival of the flashiest festive ads from John Lewis and Marks and Spencer.

In previous years, the retail giants have splashed out sending men to the moon and spread magic with helpful fairies, but this year brings fresh competition.

John Lewis have linked their store fronts with their ad by replacing the letters O and E with two big eyes looking over the shoppers and new Twitter page called UnderTheBed2017 posted a short video, showing only a pair of big grey eyes as part of the promotion.

John Lewis launched its ad featuring a child playing with his monster under the bed, spending his nights playing and laughing with Moz the Monster, before getting a star projector for Christmas, and sending the monster away.

Video after the jump…

Marks and Spencer took their ad in a different direction, instead of featuring a child, they feature a bear – and a very well known bear at that. Yes, the cuddly chap who has a penchant for marmalade.

Paddington Bear dreams of his sticky treat before being woken by a man in a red suit, but it’s not Santa! The muddled little bear takes the thief around all the houses on his streets, giving stolen presents back to children before they wake.

The Santa imposter slowly enjoys his Christmas, and after watching a little girl named Alice find love in her present, he goes off, feeling much better about Christmas, with a marmalade sandwich in hand.

Both companies have stake in Christmas, selling big name and own brand presents to millions of shoppers all over the UK. So every year they try to top each other, and their previous year’s ads.

The John Lewis store in Liverpool One overlooks a small square, where the Liverpool One Christmas tree is looking out, making it appear that Moz the Monster is looking out at the Christmas tree, waiting for the lights to brighten up the scene.

Overall both companies have done amazing efforts in their ads this year, and we can’t wait to see it on TV, hopefully with a big mug of hot chocolate, and maybe some Christmas cookies too.

Watch the two ads above, let us know which festive ad is your favourite in the comments below and on social media @PurpleRevolver.