John Lennon’s 70th birthday memorial pictures from NYC’s Central Park

Posted on 13 October 2010
By Norman Parker
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John Lennon fans from all over the world have made a pilgrimage to New York’s Central Cark this week to celebrate the 70th birthday of the legendary Beatle.

Lennon was gunned down in 1980 by crazed gun man Mark Chapman outside the Dakota building in New York, which was his adopted home for the last 9 years of his life.

In the immediate aftermath of his death, a spontaneous gathering occurred on Sunday, December 14 at the Bandshell in Central Park and was attended by an estimated 100,000 people, to honour his memory.

Fans still make the pilgrimmage to the park in tribute to the Imagine icon, and people have been lighting candles and signing old Lennon songs together as these pictures convey.