John Lennon detention sheets sell for 16,000 – Beatles memorabilia continues to soar in value

Posted on 2 December 2013
By Pierce King
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School detention records that prove Beatles legend John Lennon was the ‘class clown’ and show he was often held back for fighting have sold for more than #8,000 each at auction.

The two documents, which were snapped up for #8,437 a pop, revealed the Fab Four icon’s antics at Quarry Bank High School, now Calderstones in Allerton, Liverpool.

Teachers noted that Lennon was punished for fighting, being a nuisance and showing ‘just no interest whatsoever’ during his time at the school in the 1950s.

A teacher rescued the sheets in the 1970s after being told to burn all of the books that had been gathering dust in a storage room at the school.

The sheets, which revealed Lennon received three detentions in a single day on two occasions, sold for more than double the estimated value of between #2,000 and #3,000.

The Lancashire-based auction site’s director Paul Wane said: “We got a fabulous price for fabulous items and it is a wonderful investment.

“The whole auction was a great success especially in view of the fact that it was our first auction.”

The sales show how buying into Beatles memorabilia is becoming an increasingly popular and savvy investment.

A copy of the band’s The White Album signed by all members of the group was also sold for more than #136,800 – smashing the estimated value of #50,000.

The documents went under the hammer on last night, with a pair of Lennon’s cufflinks going for almost #11,000.