Jessica Hynes dig at ‘mildly talented fatsos’ Simon Pegg and Nick Frost

Posted on 29 March 2012
By Bert Bernstein
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Spaced star Jessica Hynes has poked fun at her former flatmates Simon Pegg and Nick Frost’s film success – saying it’s remarkable that ‘two mildly talented fatsos’ can make it in Hollywood.

The actress, who stars as a struggling single mum with a stand-up comedy routine in the gritty gangland BBC drama One Night, says she’s content ‘just rolling along.’

Since she and Simon Pegg created Spaced, Jessica has remained grounded in north London, almost determined not to be swayed by the call of Hollywood for more Brits that can be squashed into the Ricky Gervais mould.

Hot Fuzz pals Pegg and Frost shot to stardom in a series of comedy films while the Son Of Rambow actress, has appeared to deliberately carve out a different path.

She said: “I’m just rolling along and I’m very content.

“Maybe I was a little bit more anxious and unsure of myself in my twenties.

“But now I think in a very pure sense I just like performing. I’m not really much more complicated than that. I like to think quite deeply about what I do but I don’t take myself too seriously.”

She recalls that Pegg used to tear his hair out at her unshakable indifference. The Shaun Of The Dead star was getting calls from agents, but she still refused to get a mobile phone. Then she married and changed her name, just as Jessica Stevenson became well known.

She added: “I think of Simon and Nick and while what’s happened to them is remarkable, there’s also something very right about it.

“They somehow knew they could possibly go in that direction and I think they fit in. Isn’t it a great thing – that two mildly talented fatsos can make it there?”