Jerry Seinfeld – O2 Arena review

Posted on 4 June 2011
By Chas Knight
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The O2 Arena was sold out last night, full of comedy fans who had shelled out a hundred pounds and made their way to Greenwich to see comedy genius Jerry Seinfeld perform his one-off gig in the capital.

Seinfeld’s performance proved why he is the undisputed king of observational comedy. No one can get anywhere near him and he breezed through his first show in the UK for 12 years with the confidence and panache of a man who has been working the circuit every week since childhood.

Support was provided by George Wallace, his long time friend (and best man at his wedding). Wallace, like Seinfeld, is a graduate of the burgeoning New York comedy scene which erupted in the mid 80’s along with the likes of Larry David and Richard Lewis. His experience showed, performing a laid back and extremely funny set.

Stand-up legend Seinfeld followed, brimming with an energy that belied his 57 years. He made observations on matters ranging from trivial aspects such as celebrity culture and eating out alongside hitting current affairs such as Islamic extremity and the Royal Wedding.

Displaying his trademark cynicism which has become more biting with age, he took a few swipes at the social media craze, especially Twitter; “Why say a lot of things to a few people, when I can say nothing to everyone?” He whimsically quipped.

The gags sometimes seem bland and ordinary, but it’s in the delivery where the master works his craft and Seinfeld may just have one of the best understanding of delivery and timing ever.

He also gave an insight into his home life, offering his observations on marriage and children, demonstrating that he is content after settling down at the relatively old age of 46.

You got a real sense that you were watching a true genius capable of putting many other young pretenders squarely in their place.

The New Yorker’s ability to bend a full arena into crippled fits of laughter proves he is a heavyweight – its not easy to do.

The transformation of a stand up act from a small club or theatre into the cold, humour swallowing air of a huge arena has brought many brilliant comics to their knees. You end up watching them on a large screen and its just not the same.

As the show ended a sense of disappointment set in, disappointment that we will most likely never see the likes of Jerry Seinfeld again. He’s off to complete his tour in Scandinavia, Canada and finally the US and then, we will have to wait and see if he returns.

It’s doubtful he will tour again. With no show to promote, nothing to prove and with enough wealth to turn a Sheikh’s head, he really doesn’t need to.

There was a vibe that last night he was doing the gig as a favour to us, the fans of comedy, and what a privilege it was to watch him.