Jay Z snubs Robert De Niro over phone demands

Posted on 12 July 2013
By Maria Sanz
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Jay Z has spoken out about a feud between him and Goodfellas legend Robert De Niro with the American Gangster star saying he doesn’t react to people trading on their star status.

The heated argument came about after celebrated actor Robert De Niro faced off against American rapper Jay-Z at Leonardo DiCaprio’s 38th Birthday party in November last year.

Robert revealed that he was livid that Jay-Z had been ignoring all his phone calls.

When Jay-Z was questioned regarding whether the feud had been resolved, he answered in a bitter tone “Who? No, no I haven’t. I treat people based on who they really are.

“Not the name, not Robert De Niro. It’s about, like, who you are as a person.

“It doesn’t matter who you are, everyone has to be respectful and everyone is a human being.

“No one is above. That’s just the end of it and that’s how I carry it with anybody”.