Jamaica Street Studios open house – support the cause

Posted on 15 June 2010
By Sammy Maine
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Bristol, land of the creative, the daring, the free. So, it comes as no surprise and with great pleasure that the artists of Jamaica Street have once again opened their studio to the public.

Purple Revolver took to Jamaica Street Studios in the heart of Stokes Croft for the opening night. It was typically overrun with hipsters, artists sprawled across the streets and reggae tunes blasted from every window in the building.

The studio has been around for 15 years and its annual showcase has proved its worth. Featuring four floors of art, it boasts work from the likes of Philip Munoz, Bjorn Rune Lie and Abigail McDougall.

And it’s another reason to love Bristol. Only in this city would the creative talents of some of the country’s best artists be on show for free.

Upon entering the building, it felt raw and uplifting. Every time I walked around a corner, it hid something beautiful; giving me a feeling of discovery and wonder.

The first floor displayed some fabulous oil paintings, whereas the top floor felt cute and quirky as pictures of penguins and rainbows lined the walls in peachy succession.

But, these events don’t come cheap. That’s why the artists of the Jamaica Street studios are constantly fundraising in order to secure a tight hold on the building.

They will be holding an auction in Bristol Museum during December and a gallery shop is soon to be launched on their website. So, if you love Bristol in all its creativity support the studio and love their art!