Jack White hails women in bands

Posted on 9 June 2010
By Martin Higgins
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Jack White believes all bands would be better off if they had at least one female in the line-up.

The rock star is no stranger to collaborating with female artists after producing his wife Karen Elson’s album The Ghost Who Walks.

His side project The Dead Weather is also fronted by songstress Alisson Mosshart from The Kills.
Jack says that women are much more efficient in the studio and get things done “really fast.”

There is also that added bonus that women break the monotony of a “gang of guys together” and make the whole atmosphere more pleasant.

The Dead Weather singer said, “There’s something in the room, there’s a new energy, and it sort of wipes the slate clean.”

White added: “It gets rid of all the bulls**t… It’s almost a good idea for an all-guy band just to have a girl sitting there, an engineer or something, in the room.”