Its time to get pierced: Medusa Piercing in Liverpool is busy after opening again after lockdown

Posted on 13 April 2021
By Shannon Garner
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It’s time to get more holes in your ears or wherever you please as lockdown has been lifted and piercing studios can now open.

Based at the heart of the creative and cultural centre of Liverpool, Medusa Piercing, which is based in the Annexe on Hope Street is back in business.

Beinta Egholm, professional piercer and owner of the studio expressed her excitement of being able to open again after multiple lockdowns.

She said: “I was excited although a bit anxious coming back after such a long time in lockdown.

“Once the day had started and we were in full flow, I was happy to be back. It was lovely to be able to chat with customers again.”

Beinta, who has had over ten years of piercing experience touched on the reality of having to close frequently due to the pandemic: “The lockdowns were frustrating as it meant cancelling many appointments.

“The shop is quite busy and I am often fully booked weeks in advance.

“In between lockdowns, we have worked as much as possible, six days a week and staying open late to try and fit customers in.

“Thankfully as it’s a small studio, overheads are quite low so the business can survive a period of being closed. The COVID-relief grants were really helpful too.”

She also added that despite having to cancel many appointments, it was ‘relatively easy’ to re-book clients’ appointments: “Re-booking people wasn’t as bad as you might think.

“The online booking system we had set up allowed us to cancel and re-book clients relatively easily.

“I am struggling a little bit with the volume of messages we are receiving with clients trying to be squeezed in but that wasn’t unexpected. We have been closed for way too long.”

As the roadmap out of lockdown begins, Beinta said she “couldn’t really have asked for a better first day back” and remains hopeful for the next few months.

She added: “We are fully booked until the end of May at the moment so I am confident and optimistic that we will be busy.

“I just hope that there are no more lockdowns so that we aren’t playing catch up all the time with our regulars.”

As people have missed many months of being able to do such basic things including their jobs, Beinta joked about still being able to perform piercings: “Thankfully, even after being closed for so long, I haven’t forgotten what I am doing. It’s all muscle memory, so any customers reading this, please don’t worry!”

She also stated how weird it has been having so much time off. She said: “I’ve always been a workaholic and fascinated by piercings.

Since I started piercing twelve years ago, I’ve been doing it pretty much constantly so it’s been weird to have so much time off from it.

“Now that I’m back, I don’t plan on stopping any time soon.”

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