Introducing: Boe Weaver

Posted on 24 February 2010
By Amy Roberts
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Listening to Boe Weaver is like dream-waking in the middle of a dream, in the middle of dream. A ghastly-sublime and eerie soundscape that soundtracks the delusions of late night fever brains, encapsulating the moment wherein mid-dream, you suddenly grow a chainsaw for a leg and go awol on nightmarish brain ghouls.

You following?


Allow us to elaborate. Boe Weaver (a mis-spelling of Boll weevil) came together in late 2008 in response to a musical brief they received from the producers of a popular US gore infested TV show. The music they create is an inhabitant of the same cerebral-fucking planes as the fiendishly obscure soundtracks of 70’s horror movies (Vampyros Lesbos, anyone? Goblin?), Ennio Morricone scores, Popul Vuh and the Krautrock jams of Amon Dull II. And the rest.

If you want similar contemporaries, we could probably point you somewhere in the direction of Chrome Hoof, Oneida, Dungen and Cherrystones, but even then we doubt you’d find them on the same map. They’d be above the map. Inside the map. Using the map as a rag to soak the blood up from a monster attack. But probably never on the map.

In the two short years they have recorded slab after slab of their own music, while reworking and remixing music by an array of stars. Boe Weaver’s approach to such collaborations is to take a vocal, and write a completely new song around it. So they don’t so much remix songs as re-birth them.

In early 2009 they released the single ‘Jellybean’ / ‘Ghouls’, which was swiftly followed in June 2009 by the ‘Rising EP’, a beast of a release featuring ‘Monster Maker’ and ‘I Think You Two Should Leave’, the former a heady, spliffed-up sonic assault, the latter some gonzo white boy funk with a mouth full of shrooms.

Our jaws are still recovering from having slabbed themselves on the floor upon hearing the tunes.

On March 22nd Boe Weaver release their self titled debut album. As one reviewer quite rightly put it: “If this LP was thirty-odd years old and the soundtrack to some exploito-hacker movie, then it would be changing hands for £200-plus. However, it’s a new release, which means you don’t have to pay through the nose to land a copy… which you should.”

And you should, you know. Deranged pep music for people with a monster crush on escapism and a score to settle with their own brains, Boe Weaver are the perfect anecdote for the World’s most derisive of everyday activities.

They’re keeping their thousand yard stares well-hidden as they get busy in 2010 and beyond as they set to work on new tunes and an array of projects, including numerous film soundtrack commission from Hollywood, Europe and Japan and plenty more Boe Weaver songs. They’re packing and ready to fire. So you’d better prepare yourself, as best you can.

Watch Boe Weaver’s video for ‘Ghouls’ here:

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