In The Millennial Dome at Frederik’s Hope Street

Posted on 6 July 2017
By Chelsea Connor
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The seats are filled up in the small indie venue, Fredricks.

This is the first full run of the play ‘Millennial Dome’, a slick hybrid of poetry and comedy from writers/performers Alex Ferguson, 23, and Geraint Williams, 26.

The hour long play explores the troubles that every twenty-something will face in the modern world, the boys touch on subjects such as social media, traveling, ‘finding yourself’, dating and being almost forced to choose the right career for yourself, when you have no idea what you should dedicate yourself to.

The performance is an enjoyable one but is a heavily scaled down one, with only two actors and minimal props, this is an upside as it makes the audience focus solely on the word play of the poetry and the comedic chemistry between Ferguson and Williams. There is something for everyone when watching this play, as it’s more relatable than anything else.

The audience laugh but are also forced to think about how much attention the younger generation gives to trivial things that don’t matter in the grand scheme of things. It’s a comedy that you can revel in with an almost sad message behind it that is well written.

The poetry side of the performance shouldn’t be overlooked, with clever wordplay that makes you realise how much work has been put into ‘The Millennial Dome.’

The performance will be heading for the infamous Edinburgh Fringe Fest from 5th August to 11th August later this year, commencing at 11.10am in The Black Market Room 1.

The guys have expressed that they are no longer nervous for the festival, only eager to get started. Ferguson says, ‘We had so many different drafts of the script. There has been so many changes, but we have finally gotten to a place where we are really happy with it.’