In support of the Roku Streambar: Iconic sounds of 2020: Cardi B’s Coronavirus! voted favourite from social media

Posted on 24 December 2020
By Khyle Deen
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To support the launch of the Roku Streambar – a two-in-one entertainment upgrade that adds 4K HDR streaming and cinematic sound to any TV – we’ve conducted research to reveal the most iconic sounds of 2020.

Our goal has been to discover the sounds the UK loved the most and the sounds that danced on people’s nerves, and we’ve come to some interesting conclusions:

· Cardi B’s “Coronavirus!” comes out on top for social sound of 2020
· Matt Lucas’ Boris Johnson impression tops the entertainment sound poll
· Boris Johnson’s mumbling beats Piers Morgan for most annoying sound in the UK

Social media has been pivotal in keeping the UK connected in 2020 with stars such as Joe Wicks inspiring fans through livestreams. Topping the sounds of social, Cardi B’s worldwide reaching “Cornavirus!” post was selected by two in five as the most memorable in social media. Although, the Carole Baskin Savage remix received almost a third (29%) of votes.

Matt Lucas’ impersonation of Prime Minister Boris Johnson was most popular, with almost half of the respondents picking him as the most entertaining sound of the year (44.6%). On the flip side, Boris Johnson’ mumbling was found the most annoying (47%) with the sound of Piers Morgan talking over Susanna Reid not even coming close with only 19% of all votes.

Clive Hudson, vice president sales at Roku commented, “2020 has been a year which has played out on TV and streaming services more than ever. The iconic Netflix “dun-dum” jingle came second place to Matt Lucas, with two in five voting it as their favourite sound of 2020 in entertainment. On Roku streaming players and Roku TVs consumers tuned into modern classics like Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, which ranked high in the top searches. This month our love of Christmas films is front and centre, with Elf ringing in the cheer for many at number one, followed by Love Actually and the hotly contested “is it or is not a Christmas film”, Die Hard.”

In 2020, TV streaming surged, with Ofcom estimating 12 million people signing up to a new streaming service during lockdown. In April Brits watched almost 45 hours of TV and online content a week, a third more than in 2019.

When it comes to current affairs, it is to be applauded that nearly 40% of the UK choose the booming nationwide sound of Clap for Carers as the top sound, followed by a third selecting “You’ll Never Walk Alone” by Captain Sir Thomas Moore. Knocking out other news channels the BBC News’ iconic intro music stayed in the minds of an overwhelming two-thirds of people.

Reality TV is hugely popular among British consumers. Taking the top spots in this category were Amy Child’s insightful musings on her “Do you know what I mean” (29%) catchphrase and Kylie Jenner’s dulcet tones proclaiming “I’m gonna get wasted” (28%) came in a close second.

This year, the UK found itself in the new normal of working from home, with millions of Brits finding themselves setting up make-shift desks at the kitchen table. Almost half of the UK (45%) associate the sound of a doorbell as another online delivery most with the shift in working style.

Looking to next year, sporting events look to make a bigger comeback, and British consumers are eagerly waiting. Well over a third (36%) can’t wait to hear the opening ceremony of the postponed Olympic Games. Following closely, the eagerly expected Anthony Joshua vs. Tyson Fury showdown would be the top for a third of the UK; people just want to hear that first punch connect!