How to make your shop stand out with Little Red Vintage

Posted on 18 July 2010
By Holly Milner
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For the next installment in our vintage clothes shops in Liverpool feature, we visited Little Red store on Bold Street.

Oohs and aahs can be heard inside this humble boutique, which looks like a stylish, a la mode walk-in-wardrobe.

With creaky, old floorboards and French-style cabinets, this boutique could be on a Parisian street corner and it certainly does have a little je ne sais quoi about it.

There is an parade of past eras brought back to life again with a new and modern twist. Not just vintage clothing is displayed, different lines of hand-made clothing from restored classic materials are also available.

The brightly-coloured boutique appeals to fashion lovers with lots of striking retro pieces, from lace blouses, denim shirts, cable knit cardigans and stylish mini dresses, there is a little something-something for everyone.

It is all very wearable so vintage virgins need worry not. You will rarely leave this shop without a bag in your hand containing something pretty to smugly boast about.

Kate Harris started the long process of moving her shop here after four years in Grand Central, aka Quiggins in August Last year. A lot of hard work went into renovating the shop from scratch.

But being blessed with devoted customers, Kate tells us that she has to keep replenishing stock all the time, as the regulars always know what’s hot and new.

Kate has many style icons that inspire her: “I love taking inspiration from characters in films. One of my particular favourites is Rachel Flax played by Cher in Mermaids.

“She wears typical 60s stuff and looks amazing.

“Also, True Romance. I love Quentin Tarantino’s character Alabama Whitman. She’s my hero! I named my mannequin after her and the male mannequin is called Clarence.

“I love Alabama’s style, it’s a mixture of how she puts things together in an unusual way.

“I like to take things from different eras and mingle them all together. I hope my shop is like that too.”

When asking Kate what sets her aside from other vintage shops she told us: “I have some prominent ranges in the shop as well as vintage clothes. In fact, there’s a brand new range of jewellery just in.

“Its just a big mixture of things really and that’s what gives the shop a bit of originality. Its not just for typical vintage lovers.”

Kate pays close attention to the latest trends and tries to reflect her clothing from what’s on the catwalks at the moment so everything in the shop is bang on trend.

Hoping to someday open up another shop outside of the city, Little Red hopes to continue bringing vintage back to the future.


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