How to Handle High-volume Fax Operations in Your Business

Posted on 17 March 2022
By Carlton Whitfield
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Modern technology has revolutionized how people communicate. Instead of hand-written letters, sending emails and text messages has become the standard for relaying information quickly. While it is easy to think that sending a fax may have become obsolete, the fact is that billions of faxes are still sent every year.

Companies that have sent thousands of faxes in a year are starting to turn to cloud fax services for businesses. Between the logistics of handling that many faxed messages and cyber threats, traditional faxing has become cumbersome. If you are a business owner that relies on sending and receiving faxes for your daily business operations, here are some of the most important reasons to consider cloud faxing services.

Cutting Costs

Manual fax machines are a staple for a lot of business offices. Both doctors and lawyers rely on these machines for sending secure, authentic, and private forms that contain sensitive patient or client information. While the initial cost for these machines might seem low, there are unseen expenses that are especially important for businesses with high-volume fax operations.

For example, paper, toner, software updates, maintenance fees, and fax line services are all fees that add up over time. For offices that send and receive a large number of faxes each day, these costs add up fast. Switching to a cloud service will free these businesses from the rising price of operating a traditional fax machine, as everything can be done from a computer or mobile device.

Streamlining Workflows

As we move further into the digital age, workflows become more complex. Quick and clear communication is a key component of a thriving workplace with efficient workflow. Traditional fax machines, while a staple for many businesses, often become a barrier to timely communication, especially in fast-paced work environments.

Cloud faxing services help businesses work securely and efficiently from several locations. With cloud faxing, businesses can handle an even high volume of faxed documents being sent and received from several devices. Cloud faxing allows for documents to be signed digitally, annotated, and filed quickly within one singular application. This helps ensure a perfectly streamlined workflow that enhances a business’s overall productivity.

Improved Security

A primary concern for many businesses is how to handle data security, especially now that so much information is freely available on the internet. Traditional fax machines lag behind in terms of theft and security, as they are prone to both physical theft, document loss, hacking, and human error. Cloud faxing services are far more secure and private than traditional faxing, so businesses can be sure they are not putting themselves or their clients at risk.

Cloud fax solutions offer a variety of security features, including storing data at secure data centres and top-of-the-line encryption. This is especially important for businesses that operate in heavily regulated industries, such as medicine or law. Cloud faxing services enhance crucial parts of data security for these and many other industries.

Easy Access

By far one of the most important benefits of cloud faxing services is the improved accessibility over a traditional fax machine. In today’s business world, more and more people are working from home or other non-traditional locations. This makes a traditional fax machine hard to use, as the people who need it are not physically near the machine itself.

Cloud faxing services can be accessed from anywhere that a PC or mobile device can be used to connect to the internet. These services can also be integrated into existing business systems, which streamlines the faxing process while offering all the same functions of a traditional fax from virtually anywhere.

Find Out More About Cloud Faxing Today

Cloud faxing services are an incredible development that help bring faxing technology into the digital age. Don’t wait to find out more about how cloud faxing services can benefit your business. Businesses that rely on faxing for their daily workflow can greatly improve their operations by signing up for a cloud faxing service today.