How to celebrate Easter in lockdown

Posted on 27 March 2021
By Heidi Hewlings
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With Easter weekend fast approaching, you may be wondering if it’s still worth planning for the occasion or if this year’s holiday will be a lockdown induced flop like last year.

Even though the second Easter weekend in a row is being spent in enforced isolation, it’s still possible to enjoy the festivities and celebrate in a Covid permitting way.

Your usual traditions may not be able to take place, but fun can still be had with a little creativity.

Here are six ways to celebrate Easter 2021 at home this year and enjoy some egg-citing fun!

Easter egg hunt with a twist

This year’s Easter egg hunt may have to be altered slightly, as setting the kids loose in a field is not possible. As children cannot be expected to be excited and stay socially distanced.

Instead, make the most of your garden space and hide eggs in there for your kids to find.

If you don’t have a garden, a hunt around the house is just as fun and there are even more creative places to hide them.

If you’re friendly with your street or estate, get participating families to decorate large Easter eggs on paper and then tape the paper eggs into windows facing the street.

On Easter Sunday, families can head out to try and find as many eggs in windows as they can spot.

Stream a Church service

If you want your Easter celebration to include a religious component, attending a church service is still possible.

If there’s one thing we’ve taken away from the pandemic, it’s how to stay connected online and over zoom.

Check to see if your church is hosting a digital service.

Many religious organisations have been offering online services, so do a little research online to find one you can stream.

Go big on your Easter feast

Since we have a four-day weekend to enjoy this year, why not use that time to create an impressive Easter banquet.

If you don’t fancy cooking up a meal yourself, then arrange for a feast to be delivered to your door.

Easter is a time for indulging and if you can’t treat yourself to a takeaway to mark the occasion then when can you?

Go for a day at the zoo… (Virtually!)

If you’re missing days out at the zoo, this one is for you.

Zoos up and down the country are live-streaming their animals to keep isolated families entertained during lockdown.

This bank holiday families can see their favourite animals without leaving their front door.

Get Crafty

A fun way to get into the Easter spirit is to get involved in some Arts and Crafts.

Grab some paint and let your imagination run wild.

Painting eggs is always a creative Easter pastime and an ideal activity to occupy the kids.

To prepare the egg for painting, gently pierce the shell with a pin, then widen it with a cooking skewer and hold over a bowl (hole pointing downwards) to let the yolk and white drain out.

Once the egg feels empty pop it into a bowl of soapy water to clean it out. Leave it on a piece of kitchen towel to dry. When the egg has dried, you’re ready to decorate.

Get inventive and look up some quirky designs.

Bake, Bake, Bake…

Nothing screams Easter quite like sweet treats, so how about making your own and getting creative with Easter inspired recipes.

Just use your favourite cake recipe and decorate with mini eggs or choccie bunnies to give it that Easter spin.

Some classics to pull out of your baking bag of tricks are; hot cross buns, carrot cake, mini egg traybake and chocolate shredded wheat nests.