Horn of the Dead: zombie style review

Posted on 31 October 2015
By Kate Reilly James
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Liverpool was once again the style capital of the UK last night, but this wasn’t your run of the mill catwalk show.

People, or should I say , ZOMBIES stumbled from near and far to the city’s Georgian quarter responding to Purple Revolver’s Horn of The Dead call. Hope Street was awash with biters and those filing out of The Philharmonic Hall, having just watched Psycho, were in for an even bigger shock outside.

The best thing about the event was that everyone made such a huge effort to get into character. A team of LIPA make-up artists, overseen by SFX legend Shaune Harrison (who took time out to chat to pretty much EVERYONE) worked tirelessly with gallons of fake blood, latex and some dark MAC colour palettes to complete the Walking Dead look.

So, with my own gaping facial wound and dead-eyed stare complete I wandered into the crowd to bring you……the very best of zombie style.

It would appear that Converse are the zombie choice of footwear, durable for dragging yet light enough to go full pelt should a particularly delicious looking victim decide to make a run for it.

Leather and denim both featured heavily among the swarm, again proving that Zombies, while brain dead, do appreciate the classic jacket and jeans combo.

Blood-smeared band T-shirts made an appearance, The Ramones in particular proving popular with those who like to bite ears clean off. And with a nod to teen feel-good films, the pink ladies of Grease went wild chasing terrified theatre goers into their cars, resplendent in their bright pink satin jackets and long flowing blonde locks. Let’s go girls.

Finally from the hot zombie chicks to one for the ladies, and who can resist a man in uniform? Mmmmm possibly me as this guy is easily the scariest police officer I’ve ever seen. Complete with hi-vis jacket, fully-stocked utility belt and a manic look in his eyes…..I’m never stealing pic’n’mix again.

You heard it here first people, oozing facial wounds, blood smeared Armani jeans and converse are officially in for Winter.