Honey Magpie talks to Purple Revolver about nature, writing, metaphors and the future

Posted on 28 September 2017
By Khyle Deen
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This past weekend, we had the pleasure of a nice chat with North Carolina based indie folk band Honey Magpie, their debut album Honey Magpie is available now for streaming or purchase, we chat to them about the album, their inspirations, nature and what’s next for them, you can check out our interview below:

PR: Hey guys, I just wanted to say a big thanks for chatting with us, really appreciate your time, especially since you’ve just played a set just now, how did that go?

Pippa: Yes, we just played the Carrboro Festival in NC, the show went really well!

PR: Ah, we’re glad the recent shows are going great, I recently watched your Oak City Sessions show, watched that a lot actually, I love the live performances. So could you talk a little bit about how HM came to be?

Rachael: So I moved to North Carolina in 2014, wanting to start a folk band, I put up an ad on Craigslist, that’s essentially how the band started. I found Pippa, our cello player in the band, she also sings and writes. We both went to an open mic night and randomly found Jo, our drummer, this was obviously great as we needed a drummer. We then found Kati, our violinist and singer songwriter through mutual friends. I’d told some people we were looking for a violinist and they hooked me up with Kati. It all nicely fell into place and now here we are.

PR: You all have a hand in the song writing process which is great, which songs mean the most to you?

Rachael: I think all of the songs on our debut album (Honey Magpie) are really important, we spent a lot of time thinking about how we wanted them to sound, we went and recorded them and it was a long process that took a lot of thought, those songs definitely mean a lot to me. We’ve also been practicing our newest songs and playing them, I think the most meaningful ones are the songs about nostalgia and the idea of home.

PR: Most of your songs are about nature with some fairy tale references thrown in, would you say that most of your music inspired by those ideas?

Kati: Yes! (Laughs) A lot of it is nature yes, I haven’t contributed that many songs on the album but the song Pines, I wrote that one walking through the woods so nature and the woods definitely played a part in inspiring that one.

Pippa: With my songs, I think a lot of the imagery in them comes from nature and also animals, o write a lot of animal based songs. It’s getting a little embarrassing the amount of bird songs I’ve written (laughs) it’s getting out of control but I guess most of my songs are inspired by my own experiences and kind of metaphoric so while I might be writing about a spider, it’s about something else too.

PR: You also wrote Ugly Duckling Pippa?

Pippa: I did yes, I wrote that one back in 2014, right around the time that Rachael wrote Lost In the Woods, with the Little Red Riding Hood reference in, the funny thing is that we didn’t coordinate any of that before it happened which is funny, that’s another one of favourites on the album.

PR: Well I’ve been listening to the album a lot lately, for me, I kind of think of it as a great soundtrack for autumn, which just happens to be my favourite season, I love going on autumn walks, so the album is very fitting, would you say that’s an appropriate thought to have about your music or this album?

Rachael: Oh wow, I hadn’t thought of that before, I hope so, I hope it’s a good soundtrack for fall, that’s actually a really nice thought.

Pippa: That is really nice

PR: You’ve also made me really want to visit North Carolina one day.

Rachael: Ohh, you should yes!

PR: Oh that’s definitely on the bucket list now!

(Rachael, Pippa & Kati laugh)

PR: What do you want people to feel when they hear your music?

Pippa: I think for me, and I’m not sure if this is true for the rest of the band, but I want people to listen to the lyrics, and just listen to the stories being told and understand what I’m trying to say. I actually tend to write the darker songs of the bunch, on this album we kept it pretty light but maybe the next one will be different, but I’d like people to think about different experiences I’ve had and different emotions that people may or may not have had.

Rachael:Well I like to think, and hope, that people listen to my songs and relate to them in some way, like Lost In the Woods, that’s about making your own path and I hope that when people listen to that, they can relate or feel some encouragement from it.

PR: That’s really nice, I think that comes across in the songs, Lost In the Woods definitely has that inspirational feel to it, like you end up finding yourself towards the end of the song, I think the instruments play a big part in that too, such nice instruments that help you connect with the songs.

Rachael: Ahh thank you.

PR: Now Rachael, I first heard your music on your brother Jake’s Instagram, has his fame affected you at all?

Rachael: (laughs) I don’t think it actually has, other than this instance.

PR: Ah right, fair enough.

Rachael: I do think it’d be entertaining to appear on his podcast, it’s an advice podcast so that would be interesting.

PR: I’d like to hear that!

(Rachael laughs)

PR: How do you guys spend your days off?

Pippa: What days off? (Laughs)

Kati: Yeah we all work full time jobs, but when we’re not working or performing, we’re practicing together and writing.

PR: What’s next for Honey Magpie?

Rachael: We have a lot of new songs in the works, definitely working on more music, maybe not anytime soon but hopefully in a year or so, we’d definitely want to cut a new album, we’re going on a tour of eastern Tennessee and western Carolina in October, we’ve never performed in Tennessee so we’re really exciting for that.

PR: Hopefully a big tour comes from all of this?

Rachael: Yeah one day, we’d love to do a bigger tour!

PR: Ah well thanks again for your time guys!

Pippa: Thank you! Thanks for having us!

PR: We’ll chat to you again when the next album is out?

Rachael: That’d be really good!

Big thanks again to Honey Magpie for chatting with us, you can check out their self titled debut album in the video box above.

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