High Roller Society Presents: Vinnie Nylon’s first solo show POPTIMISM

Posted on 24 August 2012
By Bert Bernstein
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High Roller Society Presents Vinnie Nylon’s First Solo Show POPTIMISM from 8 September-7 October at the High Roller Society Gallery, London.

Vinnie Nylon has been involved in the street art and graffiti movement for over 25 years, producing walls, print, paintings, graphics and billboards for a variety of small and international companies and commissioners.

This all-new body of work is borne out of a lifelong collecting obsession, a visual playground in which all of the collected toys and mascots collide in a head-on collision designed to level the fields of high and low art. Old meets new and ultra-cute and kitsch takes on a slightly sinister undertone.

Vinnie Nylon
8 September – 7 October 2012
Private View 7 September 6:00 – 9:00 pm

Welcome to Poptimism, the first solo show in London by Vinnie Nylon
High Roller Society: Unit 10 Palmers Rd, London E2 0SY. FREE

Since the mid-90s Vinnie Nylon has been placing an army of candy coloured characters and advertising mascots onto canvas and walls. A new spin on old favourites, a savage twist on others, all harking back to a simpler post war era when the distinction between childhood and adulthood was so much clearer.

Lost icons that are no longer employed to distract us from the austerity of mid century Britain and America take on their new guise to reclaim their rightful place in a new visual universe.

Television as smokescreen, popular as social acceptance, reality sugar-coated with a big goofy smile slapped on it. Poptimism re-introduces, re-evaluates and explores the themes of seduction by advertising media, sentimental attachment and mass production.

The works on show include vintage petrol cans, sticker art, fanzine and screen print as well as a number of new paintings and mixed media pieces. Trademark bright colours and thick impasto sit beside the more demure offerings of hand-finished print and collage pieces.

The frame is the door that leads into a world of visual pop delights and plastic-fantastic high-low art for all to enjoy, so step inside and keep it pop, never stop playing.

Check out the preview video featuring live street art, preparation and sticker street team tagging, set to Nina Simone’s Sinnerman and Disney’s Snow White & The Seven Dwarves Whistle While You Work.

High Roller Society Presents: Vinnie Nylon’s First Solo Show – POPTIMISM
High Roller Society:
8 September – 7 October (private view 7 September)
12.00-6pm Thursday’s – Sunday’s
Bethnal Green Tube