Heroes For Sale: Zombie flash mob in Liverpool, talking to SFX artist Shaune Harrison

Posted on 30 November 2015
By Khyle Deen
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Heroes For Sale and Purple Revolver took over Liverpool’s Hope Street this past Halloween.

We staged a zombie flash mob with make up done by some very talented artists, prior to the flash mob, we had the pleasure of meeting and hosting a special panel featuring a Q&A with Wirral born SFX make-up artist Shaune Harrison, he has worked on a wide variety of movies including Star Wars, Harry Potter, World War Z and much more.

Many topics were discusses in our Q&A including what inspired Shaune to get into the field special effects make-up. From his humble beginnings scouring newsagents for relevant magazines and even importing some from the USA to travelling far to get some early work experience under his belt, this is a panel discussion not to be missed.

We also touch on how the Shaune Harrison Academy got set up, which is perfect for those looking to get into the industry. all the information can be found at http://shauneharrisonacademy.com/

It was a brilliant time talking to Shaune Harrison and we really appreciated is time and hearing his story. So we’d like to extend our thank you to Shaune.

You can catch the panel discussion and some zombie dancing from the latest Heroes For Sale in the video box above.

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