Heroes For Sale: Marvel’s Secret Wars, Doctor Who, cosplay and more

Posted on 1 October 2015
By Khyle Deen
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Congratulations on clicking this link.

You have been rewarded with the latest episode of our comics panel series Heroes For Sale.

In this edition, local cosplay artist Gabby Monet joins us in the studio to discuss the art form that is cosplay, how much effort can it take to create a great costume?, find out in this episode!

We also have Gabriel back in the Kids Corner, he’s talking us through some very cool Star Wars action figures, definitely something to check out.

In Between the Panels this week, we’re talking all things Doctor Who and Marvel’s Secret Wars. Where is Secret Wars heading as it approaches it’s climax?, what’re our thoughts on Peter Capaldi as the Doctor?, these answers and much more can be found in the latest episode.

You can watch the latest episode of Heroes For Sale in the video box and catch it on Bay TV Liverpool every Thursday at 7:30pm.
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