Heroes For Sale discover the art of The Walking Dead with Charlie Adlard

Posted on 27 June 2016
By Khyle Deen
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Heroes For Sale had the excellent opportunity to meet up with Charlie Adlard at his home recently, we met him last year at Liverpool’s Writing On the Wall Festival, now we’re at his home to delve into the creative mind of the man behind the art of The Walking Dead.

It’s the first in a series of Heroes For Sale special editions where we’ll be showcasing some exceptional artists in their natural habitat and discuss their work.

Going through Adlard’s childhood and how he got into illustration is quite fascinating, how he was introduced to European comics and began a collection of French comics is special, paving the way for his career today in a way.

Having been something of an artist since childhood, Charlie has learned a lot, especially while working on The Walking Dead, his passion for his craft and loyalty is certainly admirable, wanting to see The Walking Dead ride off into the sunset somewhere down the line will certainly ease fans’ minds.

Among Charlie’s artistic assistants are his trusty Mac in his design area and also his loving wife, working together, his wife Lynette helps with some artwork and handles his media opportunities, so that’s great to know that he’s not alone, Charlie likes to make time for some other recreational hobbies.

We also get a peek at their shelves of collectables, and how his career has progressed since The Walking Dead.

Also touched on are his experiences working on Mars Attacks, The X-Files and more.

Does Charlie Adlard feel at all typecast when it comes to his talents in the zombie realm? How limited does he feel in his art? Find out by checking out our special edition of Heroes For Sale where we chat with Charlie Adlard above.