Help complete The Beatles story – Ringo looking for lost teenagers from his Photograph

Posted on 23 October 2013
By James McAllister
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Ringo Starr has taken to the internet in search of six teenagers he photographed in February 1964.

The photograph, taken in Miami Beach, shows two girls and four boys, one of which is barely visible.

Sitting in a convertible the group have a mixture of surprised and excited looks, as they spot the Beatles in the next car.

The Yellow Submarine singer said: “It’s just a great shot, they’re looking at us and I’m photographing them.”

Starr, now 73, expects the teens are now in their 60’s and has kept the black and white picture in his collection for 49 years.

He intends to include the picture along with 240 others in his new book Photograph that will showcase the never-before-seen images that chronicle the Beatles drummers life.

The Miami Herald are heading the search and have already received several potential leads after posting the picture on their homepage.

Miami resident , Joseph Pravda emailed saying, “I remember seeing Ringo while driving around with friends; I think I’m the barely visible one in the back seat” but this is still to be confirmed.

Doubts have been raised over the origins of the photograph because the teens are all wearing jumpers and coats. But records show Miami was in the middle of a cold snap when it was shook by Beatlemania.

In a high profile trip to the States, the Beatles made their legendary appearance on the Ed Sullivan show the week before the photograph was taken.

During the same stay in Miami the Fab Four also posed in a photograph with heavyweight boxer Muhammad Ali and performed a number of shows, including their second appearance on the Ed Sullivan show from the Deauville Hotel.

Starr hopes he can use Twitter to locate the people in the photograph and find out their names.