Heartbreak Hotel: Top 10 Celebrity Break-up Make-overs

Posted on 29 August 2012
By Jo Ching
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Breaking up is hard to do. But for these women in the public eye, their separations and the way they take it and what they look like comes under close scrutiny from the public eye.

Some stars are driven to glossy image re-boots in order to prove how well they’re coping with heartbreak and that they’re newly available on the singles market, shedding their former selves to reveal the butterfly within or try out a new direction.

For women, the quickest way to reinvent one’s image is to cut or colour their hair. But these Hollywood starlets take it even further, bringing in an army of stylists and designers to re-boot their image, wardrobe and bodies, with the most desperate resorting to plastic surgery.

Many have dresses and diamonds in their collection that outlast their short-lived marriages. Here’s Purple Revolver’s picks for the hot 10 female starlets who reinvented themselves – for the better – after their D-I-V-O-R-C-E.

Top 10 Celebrity Break-up Make-overs
1. Nicole Kidman
2. Katie Holmes
3. Vanessa Paradis
4. Kate Winslet
5. Zooey Deschanel
6. Jennifer Lopez
7. Madonna
8. Reese Witherspoon
9. Katy Perry
10. Cheryl Cole