Good O’s: A cereal packed with protein and a flavourful crunch

Posted on 14 August 2022
By Khyle Deen
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Breakfast is quite an important meal, what you eat in the morning can sometimes determine how your day will go.

Cereal is often a top choice for that first meal of the day. Finding the right bowl can be a tricky task, especially one that has nutritional benefits, while also tasting good enough to actually want to eat.

Good O’s are making a bold bid to end that hunt for the best cereal. They’re hoops, with a difference, they’re not crammed full of sugar like most other breakfast cereals out there.

In fact, they actually contain 0g of sugar. Each box is also grain free and gluten free. Good O’s are packed with protein, with 13g per serving.

A bowl is nothing short of a brilliant way to get your day going right.

With a good variety of flavours available. You can get Good O’s in either Berry, Chocolate or Honey & Vanilla.

So the important question now, is how do they taste?

The flavours of each box hit you as soon as you open them, the Berry one in particular, being the strongest flavour out of the current 3 available. So if you love your berries, you just might find yourself going back to the cupboard for a second serving. While breakfast is the best time to enjoy them, they also make quite a good snack due to the aforementioned protein.

Chocolate is a firm favourite, the consistency of this cereal is a great, bite with a crunch, and a light but noticeable flavour.

You can pick up a 3 box pack of Good O’s here, you can either choose one flavour or order a variety pack and try all that are currently on offer, each box contains 7 servings so they can last a while depending on your snacking needs.

Order some and let us know in the comments or on social media which flavour you prefer