Garfield spins out over Spiderman blockbuster dream

Posted on 28 September 2010
By Jay Ledsham
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Andrew Garfield is a young British actor who has fantasised about playing Spiderman since he was a toddler after his Mother dressed him up as the superhero for a Halloween party at the age of Four. Now his dream has come true.

Andrew fits the bill as Peter Parker as he has the physical attributes and enthusiasm which former leading male Toby Maguire never had.

Mark Webb, directs the 4th instalment of the Spiderman franchise and begins shooting in December. The director was effusive in his praise of Garfield saying he has “a rare combination of intelligence, wit and humanity.”

Andrew who a few months back was a relative unknown in his native Britain with only minor roles in Boy A and channel 4 series Red Riding.

Even with this huge job on his hands he is unfazed by the prospect of playing a role with such a fanatical fan base. Now the bright lights of Hollywood are beckoning, and the inevitable fame that will arise from playing Spiderman will catapult Garfield into the public consciousness. He was quoted as saying:

“I’m incredibly excited. I see it as a real honour to take on such an important role that I’ve invested a lot of my personal life into, ever since I was four years old I was obsessed. Ever since I first understood the concept of justice and watching Spiderman swing through the air, protecting the citizens of New York, I have been hooked. It’s like I’ve been preparing for it most of my life.”

“When my mum dressed me in the costume she explained what Spider-Man stood for, and how he was just a teenager and skinny and small and goes through the same problems as all teenagers, but he has that hidden fortitude. That became really important to me and it’s something I’ve dealt with my hole life. Spider-Man has all the elements I can relate to,”.

“Then they showed me the cartoon and the sheer sight of someone swinging through New York City was breathtaking and my fantasy really began from there.”

Andrew is becoming hot property beating the likes of Jamie Bell, Zac Efron and Logan Lerman for the coveted role as Spidey in the new blockbuster.

Garfield should not be fazed by the magnitude of the new project having worked with the likes of Tom Cruise, Meryl Streep and Robert Redford in the past. Andrew also stars in The Social Network which is released October 15.