Gameboy celebrates 25th birthday with countdown of top 10 games.

Posted on 23 April 2014
By Ashleigh Panther
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Nintendo is celebrating the 25th birthday of it’s original Gameboy console this week.
Although the technology of the original is nothing in comparison to some of the updated consoles we have now, like the 3ds, the Gameboy paved the way for gaming on the move.

Here is a look back at the top ten games for the original Gameboy, see how many of these you can remember.

No.10 – Castlevania Belmont’s Revenge – released in 1991, Christopher Belmont is on a journey to save his son from Count Dracula.

No.9 – Bubble Ghost- released as a game for the Gameboy in 1990 and requires the user to guide a bubble through a haunted house without touching any of the walls which would cause the bubble to burst.

No.8 – Castlevania Legends – this game was the third and final Castlevania title for Gameboy and was released in 1997 and was considered by game producer Koji Igarashi an embarrassment to the series.

No.7 – Revenge of the Gator was released in 1989 and is a multimode pinball machine game.

No.6 – Kid Icarus of Myths & Monsters- this game was released in 1991 and is a follow on game from Kid Icarus for the NES. It is an action platform game which requires players to guide angel Pit through three stages of the underworld, over world and sky tower.

No.5 – Qix – released in 1981, is a puzzle game that requires the gamer to use a diamond shaped marker to fill up as much of the play field as possible by drawing lines. You can alter the speed and the minimum score you have to reach in order to beat the levels.

No.4 – Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure – this game is part of the movie franchise and was released in 1991. You can choose whether to play as Bill or Ted to search for various historical figures and help get them back to their rightful times.

No.3 – Legend Of Zelda Links Awakening – released in 1993, you are travelling through Koholint making your way through increasingly dangerous dungeons and beating a ‘nightmare’ found in each of these dungeons. Beating them gains you an instrument which is necessary to beating the game.

No.2 – Super Mario Land 1 – released in 1989, you take on the famous role of Mario in order to beat Tantaga and save Princess Daisy.

No.1 – Tetris (The Original & The Best!) and a game that needs no introduction or explanation is Tetris. This game was released in 1989 and was sold as a bundle with the Gameboy in North America following the consoles release.

Over 800 games were released for the Gameboy during it’s 10 year rein and has been an inspiration for hand held portable game consoles since it’s release 25 years ago.