Game of Thrones Executive Producer – ‘f**k you Thor!’

Posted on 16 April 2012
By Matt Barden
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HBO’s eic fantasy Game of Thrones is running rampant over the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros in its second season.

The show’s success in adapting George R.R. Martin’s books for the small screen has been no mean feat.

But despite the show’s popularity director and producer Alan Taylor, who steers the ship for six of this season’s episodes, has left after being headhunted to direct Thor 2.

Executive Producer D.B. Weiss spoke about the continued success, staying true to the books and why he hates Marvel.

He said: “Director Alan Taylor certainly is one of the key players. By the time Season 2 is finished, he’ll have directed 6 of the 20 episodes.

“It’s almost a third of the show. The way he directs is just something we’ve had so much love and admiration for and now, so much jealousy since he’s been stolen away to go do Thor 2.

“So we love you, Alan. And fuck you, Thor!”

“We want the show to withstand multiple viewings and be something that people can really lose themselves in in the way we lost ourselves in George’s books the first and second and third times we read them.

“The immersiveness of the experience is really is one of the big draws of the project for us and it remains one of our goals with the show: to just have something that every Sunday night, people can turn on and disappear into.

“Sometimes there is dramatic necessity to pull away from the book.

“If the book deals with a piece of character information in a expositional way, where you learn a backstory that’s very hard to dramatize, maybe you come into that element of a character from a different direction.

“Sometimes it’s a confidence to violate the letter of the books to do better service to the spirit of the books, which is something we did in the first season.

“It really is about the show finding its own legs. I do think it really is about just being willing to take the risks that are necessary to do justice to the show as a show.”

Game of Thrones episode 3 – What is Dead May Never Die – airs tonight on Sky Atlantic 9pm.