Funko! Pop! Ghostbusters toys including Winston and Ecto-1

Posted on 12 March 2014
By Ashleigh Panther
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Funko! Pop! have released a new wave of Ghostbusters vinyl toys and have added extra member Winston Zeddemore.

Funko had already released a series of Ghostbuster figures earlier in the year with the original members of the Ghostbuster team: Venkman, Stanz and Spengler along with Stay Puft and Slimer.

But whether it was through fans demands or sheer guilt of not including extra team member Winston, the team behind Funko! Pop! have now released a new Ghostbusters series including the missing team member, who will come equipped with Ecto-1 car.

Some might say that considering the rest of the team available in the set are free standing figures including no more than a weapon, that the Funko team felt the only way they could sell the Winston figure is to include another much loved element of the show in order to make it more appealing to fans.

Whatever the plan was for this new series of toys, they are looking to be an exciting addition to the Funko family and will make excellent additions to any vinyl figures fan’s collection.

The full range of figures include the Ecto-1 and Winston Zeddmore, Dr Spengler, Dr Venkman, Dr Stantz, Slimer and Stay Puft Marshmellow Man.

Also, much to fans delight, the stay puff marshmallow man figure will be upgraded to a larger 6″ figure.

Most of the figures in this range will be available to buy in April with the only one you’ll have to wait for being the Ecto-1 and Winston figure which will be released in May.

This could also be seen as a sneaky tactic in order to make the release of Winston exciting and make it that much more appealing to buyers.

You can pre-order these figures online now at, with the team member figures costing $9.99 each, the oversized Stay Puft Marshmallow man costing $14.99 and the Winston in Ecto-1 costing $24.99.