Frank Cottrell Boyce in conversation with Jeff Young at VideOdyssey Studios

Posted on 15 December 2020
By Andy Johnson
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The Liverpool Literati were abuzz last night for a live streamed – in conversation with event, featuring Frank Cottrel Boyce and Jeff Young, to discuss his new book Ghost Town.

Pictured here in the video shop, backstage at VideOdyssey Studios, at Toxteth TV, the two authors were discussing “Ghost Town – A Liverpool Shadowplay” which has been shortlisted for a Costa Biography award. 
The event was hosted by Writing on The Wall Festival and Little Toller who published the book, in which the author takes readers on a journey through his childhood – down back alleys, through arcades, into vanished tenements and oyster bars, strip-tease pubs and theatres. 

Jeff turns from schoolboy truant into an artist obsessed with Kafka, Terence Davies and The Fall. Along the way he conjures ghosts and puts hexes on the developers who’ve ruined the city of his dreams. 

Layering memory, history and photography, this is a highly original look at a Liverpool which is lost to time. The conversation, which took place on Zoom, was live streamed to literature fans across the country from the TV studio on Windsor Street, Toxteth.

Speaking after the event, which was attended by more that 150 people virtually, Jeff said: “It was a really special evening and being able to connect with people in this way is fantastic. 

“I’m very happy my book, which is a love-letter to Liverpool has resonated with people.

“The book is a celebration of deadbeat visionaries, poets, punks and dreamers and of the Liverpool streets that formed me, and to have readers who recognise something of themselves in my wanderings is really quite something.”

Frank said: “Jeff is a wonderful author and his book Ghost Town is one of my favourites this year.
“It was a pleasure discussing his work and exploring through words, the streets and special nature of this city we both love.”

Ghost Town – A Liverpool Shadowplay by Jeff Young (Little Toller Books, £16) has been shortlisted for this year’s Costa Book Awards and is available in all good bookshops and online now.