Four things successful voiceover talents have in common

Posted on 27 January 2021
By Carlton Whitfield
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Having a great voice is crucial for a voiceover talent because it helps them grab listeners’ attention and leaves a positive impact on their audience.

But a great voice is not the only quality a voiceover artist should possess. A successful voiceover talent also has patience, discipline, and flexibility.

It is important for new talent to polish all the skills that successful voiceover artists have in common.

In this article, I have mentioned a few things that all successful voiceover talents have in common—adopting these qualities can significantly enhance their voiceover skills.


If you want to succeed as a voiceover artist, then you have to show resilience. It may not qualify as a skill, but it is a crucial quality for an artist to have. Failures and rejection are part of the process, and instead of letting them push you back, you should learn from them.

It is always better to leave the negativity behind and focus on things you can improve to become a better artist. It is very rare for people to achieve their goals without going through hardships.

It is a part of every person’s journey towards any profession or dream. If you accept you are going to face failures, you will be able to deal with them better.


It is not about how good your voice is; it’s also about how well you use it. A successful voiceover artist has an articulation in their speech that makes them sound natural and pleasant.

You can see an example of that in the talent at British voiceover who is extremely articulate with their speech.

Articulation is something that is easier to develop for native speakers, but by practicing, even non-native speakers can develop this quality. Good voiceover talent can master their speech and can deliver the lines in a very clear manner.


Another thing a voiceover artist needs to master is pacing. A good voiceover talent knows when to deliver a line and how to deliver it in different situations. They also know the breaks they need to take at certain points so that the audience can absorb the message.

You don’t want to rush your lines, and sometimes you have to slow down a little as well. If you don’t have the right pacing, your speech will feel blatant and out of place, which will ruin the whole narration.


Last but not least, a successful voiceover artist has great voice acting skills. When you are recording a voiceover, you are performing a certain character, be it a narrator or someone specific from the script.

Even when you are communicating directly with the audience, you are still playing a different person than yourself. That is why it is vital for a voiceover talent to work on their voice acting abilities.

Every script will demand you to be something different. Even when you are playing narrators, you cannot use the same still for every project you are narrating. You will have to adjust depending on the prerequisites of the project.