Foot Locker Sneaker Skills get served – video

Posted on 1 June 2012
By Pierce King
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Foot Locker Sneaker Skills video is shot from the point of view of a member of Foot Locker staff on their camera phone as the other members bring out boxes from the store room.

The video shows the skills of the Foot Locker team in the back room as they use a dazzling array of footy skills to stack a pile of sneakers to go out to customers.

We then follow the shot into the shop, past more Foot Locker Stripers balancing shoes and swiftly dispatching sneaks to shoppers, ending with a deft flick of a snapback onto a mannequin.

Filmed in one single shot, the ad took more than 300 takes to perfect.

It was written and art directed by Charlotte Adjoran and Michael Jones, and directed by Scott Lyon through Outsider for ad agency

Watch the Stripers as they put Foot Locker’s freshest sneakers through their paces in the stunning one take video below…