Food review: The Shipping Forecast

Posted on 4 June 2010
By Amy Roberts
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The Shipping Forecast is without a doubt the new place du jour for the perfect ‘morning after..’ feed up.

A safe haven for anyone feeling a little fragile following a heavy night on the sauce – or whatever else folks do these days, ingest kittens for kicks? Who knows – the venue boasts a decor rich with idiosyncratic and vintage pieces including a beautiful looking old vinyl player and an enormous old shipping map.

The furniture is plush too – there’s more than a few couches dotted about the place that look as though they might try and swallow you whole should you decide to park yourself down on one – and perfect for a cheeky afternoon cuddle with your nearest and dearest.

At first glance, the menu is your average gastro selection – burgers, sandwiches and salads, but on closer inspection the selection on offer is far from standard.

Offering a wealth of choice burger wise – including a fantastic looking chorizo and cheddar burger which looks bigger than the average indie kid’s stomach could possibly digest – the assortment on offer is comfort food scaled up, dressed up and developed with a serious dose of creativity. You’ve not had a Fish Finger sandwich until you’ve scarfed one down from this joint – serious.

Having opted for the Hippy Burger, a vegetarian friendly goliath of a scran, composed of a spicy spinach and lentil patty so fresh it crumbles lasciviously out of the bun, the sissy need to grab a knife and cut the gargantuan thing in half so as not to make a holy show out of the eating process seemed like a must.

Served with delectable looking and tasting double cooked Maris Piper chips – crunchy, stodgy and so fresh the skin is still thankfully left on – the burger was a refreshing change from the usual vegetarian tripe served up at any other gastro or cafe, wherein said offenders think it suitable to serve up a lousy supermarket spicy bean burger in an auld smart price bun.

None of that here. The buns are fresh and garnished, and sweet love the burger is good. So good that even though your stomach might tell you it’s had enough, you can’t leave a single morsel of it on your plate.

With an accompanying playlist involving some choice cuts from Elliott Smith (perfect for getting your chill out on with), the atmosphere, service and tasty morsels were all top notch.

Hop aboard – you won’t be disappointed.

The Shipping Forecast
15 Slater Street
L1 4BW

Phone: 0151 708 1581

Opening Hours:

Mon 11am-Midnight
Tues 11am-Midnight
Wed 11am-Midnight
Thurs 11am-Midnight
Fri 11am-3am
Sat 11am-3am
Sun 11am-Midnight

*Food serving hours may vary.