Foo Fighters Dave Grohl kicks out fan at iTunes Festival.

Posted on 13 July 2011
By Ash Williams
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Audio footage has surfaced of Dave Grohl the ‘nicest man in Rock’ losing his cool with a tirade aimed at a fan causing trouble at the Foo Fighters iTunes Festival show. 

XFM got hold of the footage showing the band stop the show to kick out a fan in a striped shirt who Dave identified was fighting in the crowd.

The Foos played a three hour set at the at The Roundhouse in Camden, London, which included Lemmy from Motorhead (who appeared in their ‘White Limo’ video) joining the band for a version of Probot’s Shake Your Blood.

The band stopped mid-song in Skin and Bones when Grohl spotted the fan causing a ruckas and fired a four letter barrage at him on the mic saying ‘people should come to the show to dance.’

According to XFM’s audio of the show, he said, “You don’t fucking fight at my show, you asshole. Who’s that right there, let me see him, who’s fighting right now?

“It’s that fucking guy in the striped shirt right there. Look at you. Hey motherfucker, look at me, look at me. Get the fuck out of my show right now! Get the fuck out! Get the fuck outta my show right now.”

“You come to my show and fucking dance, you asshole. Get the fuck outta here. I don’t put up with that bullshit. You people came here to have a good time and that guy can fuck off.”

The crowd then chants Dave’s name while he concludes: ‘Whatever, that guy was an asshole. He’s outta here.’

After the indecent the band carried on playing All My Life amongst other hits before an encore.

This was a special moment with Taylor Hawkins springing from behind his drums to sing Tie Your Mother Down, with special guests from Queen, Roger Taylor on drums and Brian May on guitar.