Fashion trend focus: Denim shorts His & Hers

Posted on 29 June 2012
By Tibi & her cello
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There is nothing cooler than rocking His & Hers clothes as proof of your love for each other and fashion, marking those first sleep-overs and private members-only club restricted to two.

Nu-folk duo Tibi & her cello is a Spanish/Norwegian collaboration that decided to settle in Liverpool.

After great plaudits from their Sound City performances they are set to play several headline shows in Liverpool culminating in the release of their new single this Fall.

During the Summer they play the Greenbelt Festival, Cheltenham in August and support Frank Fairfield at Liverpool hipster haunts The Kazimir and Duotone at Bold Street’s LEAF in September.

Teresa wears denim shorts by Zara.

On the classic denim shorts style, she said: “I wanted something that was comfortable and timeless. These are a fairly normal pair of denim shorts, but I’ve had them for several years and they still do the job.”

On wearing denim shorts as a child, she said: “My grandma made me a pair of dungaree-shorts with spots on when I was a child, and this was my introduction to denim. Being from Spain several types of denim shorts have been a necessary summer-clothing all my life.”

Jørgen wears Cheap Monday (Urban Outfitters) denim shorts.

On customising his denim shorts to fit his Summer style, he said: “They once had life as tight jeans now modified to shorts by my own hands. I have always had a soft spot for 60’s hipster “very short” shorts so I cut mine to the appropriate/inappropriate length to match this style.”

He added: “I have a long history of denim jeans, but the only denim shorts I have had before these ones were skate-shorts when I was 14.”