Entry for Moby video competition captures viewers hearts

Posted on 6 May 2010
By James Walker
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A man who needs no introduction, the illustrious Moby recently ran a competition asking fans to charge their creative pallets and produce the official video for his new single Wait For Me.

The response has been impressive with a whole array of thoughts and ideas bursting forth and escaping from the fate of the notebook graveyard.

One response in particular has captured people’s hearts (including ours); a video of a day-in-the-life of an 8-bit old school gaming console type character.

Moby commented on his inspiration for the single …“I was listening to the first Black Flag album, Damaged, and some of the lyrics on that are so despairing and harsh. So I had that little piano riff and I wrote the lyrics around that – it’s just a mournful song of quiet despair, strangely enough inspired by Black Flag. Theoretically, I feel like Henry Rollins could have written the lyrics, even though the song is quiet and pretty. There’s nothing that’s not mournful about the lyrics; there’s no subtlety.”

The album Wait For Me Remixes is due to drop My 17th and will include re-workings of every track from last year’s acclaimed release and features remixes from Tiesto, Laidback Luke, Gui Boratto, Carl Cox and a number of others.