Eminem to headline V Festival – Unreleased EP leaks

Posted on 2 March 2011
By Matt Barden
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A nine track Eminem EP has mysteriously leaked sending the net and hip-hop heads buzzing with the onslaught of unreleased material.

Fresh from picking up the Best Rap Album Grammy and having been announced as one of the headline acts at this summer’s V Festival, Mr Mathers has yet to comment on how the Straight From The Vault EP appeared on Studioleaks.com.

Nobody can yet pinpoint when the tracks were recorded but judging by the differentiating flows and rapping styles it seems that the majority were made in between the Relapse and Recovery albums. Whether or not these were tracks for the ill-fated Relapse 2, which was scrapped in favour of Recovery, remains to be seen.

But the music is classic Slim Shady, funny, clever and at times sublimely good. Tracks like G.O.A.T (Greatest Of All Time), where Em comments on his place in Hip Hop’s history, and Going Crazy, are good enough to have made it onto Recovery.

The funny accents are still here, left over from Relapse, but through the EP you can almost hear the 8 Mile star shrugging off the silliness and recovering the form that made him the most feared spitter in the game.

Lyrically there is plenty for fans to dissect. Eminem reveals that there were tensions amongst his own group D12 after the death of former member Proof and he also sheds some light on his feelings towards other white rappers.

Announced alongside Rihanna, Artic Monkeys and Plan B as this year’s headliners at V Festival, Marshall will be gracing UK shores this August, until then the Straight From the Vault EP will have do in reminding us why he just might be G.O.A.T.

V Festival tickets go on sale on 04.03.11 for booking go to – www.vfestival.com