Eightfold Creative to release league of extraordinary products with Purple Revolver

Posted on 16 August 2011
By Andy Johnson
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Eightfold Creative are pleased to announce they will be working in collaboration with Purple Revolver on the branding, marketing and release of a number of exciting products.

The business will launch their ‘league of extraordinary products’ through Purple Revolver including music gadgets, luxury coffee blends, rare vintage and exclusive Purple Revolver merchandise.

Eightfold Creative director Pierce King said they were delighted to enlist the services of Purple Revolver for the branding and distribution of the limited edition products.

Pierce said: “We are delighted to reveal that we’ve been working on a range of merchandise ready for imminent release.

“Eightfold Creative will be working closely with Purple Revolver on every aspect of the release of these ‘extraordinary league of products’ to be sold and distributed through the site.’

“The limited edition merchandise will feature music gadgets to increase vinyl fetishists pleasure, a range of 1990’s inspired future vintage and luxury coffee blends for caffeine connoisseurs.

“We have been waiting for the right time to unleash our ideas.

“Expect your fear and desire to returned to you Eightfolded in pleasure.”