Echo and the Bunneymen Ian McCulloch prefers Diagnosis Murder to new music

Posted on 28 May 2010
By Pierce King
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Liverpool music legend Ian McCulloch has confessed that he shuns listening to new music and prefers Dick Van Dyke in Diagnosis Murder.

Echo and the Bunnymen frontman Ian told he’s addicted to watching Dick Van Dyke as Dr. Mark Sloan because it helps him concentrate on his song-writing.

The Killing Moon singer says must tune into daytime TV and do cryptic crosswords to focus and get the melodies on to paper without the distractions of other music.

Speaking after his headline gig at Liverpool SoundCity Ian, 51, said: “I don’t listen to much new music.

“I try and block it out for the sake of my writing.

“What I do is watch Diagnosis Murder, Murder She Wrote and Countdown.

“Then I do cryptic crosswords to unwind.

“I’m just writing songs in my head all the time.

“That’s why I have to watch Dick Van Dyke, because the melodies come out and I can get them down on paper without the distraction of other music.”