Dubstepper Rusko saves new Britney Spears track from burning studio

Posted on 10 November 2010
By Martin Higgins
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Dubstep pioneer Rusko has seen his state of the art studio burnt to a crisp this week after his car caught fire and spread outside of his house.

The roof really was on fire as the 25-year-old DJ scrambled to save his precious recordings and irreplaceable beats from his recording studio.

The Yorkshire man has been collaborating with Britney Spears of all people recently and has worked with the controversial rapper M.I.A as well.

A thankful Rusko, real name Christopher Mercer, was counting his blessings on Social Networking site Twitter as he said: “Not a joke. Thank God I grabbed my hard-drives.”

The mercurial beat maker is set to kick of his UK tour in London tomorrow and for more information visit the official website. Rusko on fire? The irony of it all:


Words by Martin Higgins, at www.mhfreelance.co.uk