Dosadi Experiment live review and pictures

Posted on 25 August 2011
By Samantha Maine
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The Fleece, located in one of Bristol’s back alleys, has always been known to showcase raw and upcoming talent since its early days.

Take Radiohead or Pulp for example, who have both played the tiny stage before their uprising into rock royalty.

Tonight is no exception. As part of the Best of Bristol season, the Fleece welcomes in The Dosadi Experiment.

Taking to the stage at 9:45pm, Merry Clarke, John Cocking and Paul Doyle ooze the modest sophistication of a new born band taking the reins of a small, yet eager audience.

Formed in March of this year, the guys have not had many a gig, yet there is not a nerve in sight as they begin their half an hour set of grungey-funked up-prog-punk. And yes, that is a genre in itself.

Paul Doyle shone through with his enigmatic and wholly impressive guitar skills. His fingers were a blur, as he and his guitar took centre stage.

Looking around, you could literally hear the crowd’s jaws dropping, waiting for Doyle to miss a note – but he never faltered.

John’s punk influence was as apparent as his bass stance, never letting less than a metre come between his feet. His mellow, yet aggressive bass lines added that extra kick up the arse for their grungy undertones.

The drums were provided by the very capable hands of Merry Clarke. His predominant funky feel brought the soul to a set that, without vocals, may have been running on empty.

So, with no vocals and a cocktail of disconnected genres this could be a recipe for disaster.

Somehow, the Dosadi Experiment proves that with skills like these, there’s no need to follow the rules.

Photography by Samantha Maine.