Don’t get the post festival blues – recreate the magic in your garden

Posted on 9 October 2017
By Carlton Whitfield
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Feeling blue because festival season has drawn to an end and there’s about a fortnight of possible Indian Summer days left to be enjoyed max? Don’t worry, be happy… you can still re-create that festival vibe in your own back garden using plenty of colour and fresh looking fabrics.

Who’s to say you can’t even have a winter festival in your garden? If you’re the kind of person whose house is party-central where the door’s always open. Well now you can be the people always either leading up to a festival, clearing up after a festival, or planning or having a party. Make your kitchen the place where everyone gets together and music is on tap – with the radio or Spotify playing loud.

Emulate a rustic vibe – introduce hay bales

Never be short on seating space by sourcing some old crates or ask a local farmer for hay bales and simply cover them with cool fabrics or rugs. Add cushions and beanbags and group them in a big pile for a lounging area.

Illuminate proceedings with good lighting

Fall in love with fairy lights again, although they can seem ubiquitous – they make a home feel magical. Make your home come to life at night by displaying as many fairy lights, lanterns and candles as possible.
Hang delicate strings or bigger festoons, anywhere and everywhere, and wrap them around trees and tables or focal points. Think about boosting the atmosphere with scented candles.

Don’t be afraid to show your quirky side

Decorate fences or walls with favourite concert posters or a montage of bands. String colourful ribbons from chairs and trees and let summer breezes bring them to life. Introduce boho style with brightly patterned accessories.

Throw in balloons and a glitter ball or two if you happen to have one lying around. Making your own decorations is effective and fun to do with children. Think out-of-the box and do what suits your style – anything goes at a festival.

When you’re planning an outdoor event, remember, everyone might end up inside if it rains. Cover a kitchen table with layers of different fabrics in clashing prints or bold colours, and use empty jam jars as tea-light holders. Or take the indoors outdoors with a hexagonal gazebo.

Go overboard with plants and flowers

Surround yourself with flowers and plants, in buckets, wooden crates, tin baths, wellies, basically whatever you like and have handy. Reclamation yards and car boot sales are great hunting grounds for all sorts of unusual, quirky containers.