Dizzee Rascal steps to Eastenders thanks to P.Rev

Posted on 17 August 2009
By Andy Johnson, Purple Revolver
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After sending a come and get me plea through Purple Revolver, Dizzee Rascal has been offered a tour of Albert Square.

The Bonkers star has been invited to enter talks with BBC chiefs about a future role on Eastenders after he said acting would be a natural progression from rapping.

Dizzee said ‘Enders was standard’ viewing for him when he gets back from touring and he’s always been a big fan.

In an interview ahead of his headline set at Creamfields, Diz said: “I’ve thought about acting a couple of times and it would be something I want to break into soon.

“It would be a natural progression to go into acting. It’s another creative thing to do.

“I’m so embedded in my album and getting people to feel it, there’s so much positive energy that’s going into this project right now.

“But, I could see myself on Eastenders one day.

“They just need to offer me a role and I’m there.”

An ‘Enders’ spokeswoman told PurpleRevolver.com that Dizzee would be welcome anytime on the set and that talks about a role would go througn the proper channels.

A BBC spokesman said: “We were delighted that Dizzee Rascal said he is a huge EastEnders fan.

“He’s proved himself as an excellent performer and a true EastEnder so he’d be very welcome to swing by the Queen Vic and have a look round.

“With regards to him joining the show, it would have to go through the appropriate channels.”