Dizzee Rascal promises no holds barred autobiography

Posted on 30 May 2010
By Martin Higgins
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Dizzee Rascal has spoken candidly about his autobiography this week in which he promises to “lift the lid” on his party boy lifestyle and bed hopping antics.

The bonkers singer is lapping up the public attention following a string of number one hits, and it is the increased female attention he is particularly fond of at the minute.

“I ain’t married yet. So why not? I’ve got the whole world to work through. I like all kinds of women… as long as they are pretty. I’m on a mission.”

According to himself he has always been somewhat of a womaniser, “Even as a kid I was popular with girls. I have never had any problem getting girls. But it’s just got easier. Now I get more variety. It has multiplied beyond belief.”

The book will be called The Dirtee Truth and he is distributing it himself through his own publishing company Dirtee Books.

The cheesy grinned rapper’s story is one of rags to riches, after being born on a tough inner city council estate in East London he used his talents to take over the charts finding fame and fortune along the way.

Dizzee has said he is hoping that his book will inspire kids to do something productive with their lives and strive for success in all of their endeavours, avoiding a life of crime and drugs in the process.

“Sitting down and reflecting on my life has made me really appreciate what’s happened to me.” “I am admitting some of the stupid things I’ve done. But I hope it is also inspiring. People need to not give up on their dreams.”

The book is due to be published as an illustrated hardback in October 2010.