Dizzee Rascal nervous to play before Jay-Z

Posted on 12 July 2010
By Norman Parker
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Dizzee Rascal got the jitters before playing T In The Park this week ahead of his boy-hood idol Jay-Z, who he still admires today.

The London grime star admitted how important the US rap phenomenon is to him saying, “I get nervous around Jay-Z and what he thinks about my music.

“How he carries himself is incredible, I really respect and admire him.”

Now Dizzee has unwittingly become a mentor for a new generation of rappers like Tinie Temper and he says he enjoys the role reversal. “I’m not that much older than someone than like Tinie so that is a bit strange. In my music, I have always tried to give the game away as well as making music.”

“I’ve got that song on Maths & English called Industry where it’s breaking it down and saying how to make it.”

The 25 year old artist continued saying: “Certain people can see what I am doing and I like it if they pay attention, get some help and look up to me in the same way I did with Jay-Z and still do now.”

“What I like is making music about having a good time and lyrically is not going to offend. Everyone can get down to these songs. They bring people together and allow them to have a good time.”