Disney Kingdoms: Seekers Of The Weird

Posted on 13 February 2014
By Ashleigh Panther
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Disney and Marvel’s creative partnership is well established and has been gathering pace, so it’s pleasing to see something with their two worlds combined in a way that never seen before.

Enter; Disney Kingdoms: Seekers Of The Weird. This comic is a strange combination of the bug eyed characters of the Disney world combined with the action packed stories of the Marvel Universe, making it a hit with fans of both companies.

If you skip right to the back of the comic, you will find a page long explanation of the idea behind it.

Rolly Crump, one of the first Imagineers at Disneyland was one of the masterminds that helped create The Haunted Mansion ride by coming up with spooky and crazy illusions to help make it a memorable experience for riders.

However, Walt Disney loved these inventions so much that he started to make plans on new attraction called The Museum of the Weird which was to be attached to the Haunted Mansion and showcase all of Crump’s weird inventions.

But, after Walt died in 1966, the plans were never finalised. Now, 40 years later, The Museum of the Weird has surfaced again in the pages of this comic.

The likeable characters of siblings Melody and Maxwell are thrown into turmoil when taxidermy in their parents store ‘Keep It Weird’ come to life and their parents are kidnapped by a cat/snake/bird mutant.

A strange uncle Ronald (hidden cameo of Rolly Crump) leads them into the museum hidden in their parents room and sets them the task of finding and rescuing their parents.

The creative team including penciler Karl Moline, inker Rick Magyar and colourist Jean-Francois Beaulieu stick to the history of the story with great aplomb by adding in original concepts of Crump’s including Candle Man, and the Living Gypsy Cart.

For the first issue, you will also be able to get your hands on a cover that includes an original design of Crumps, The Grandfather Coffin Clock, amongst other cover designs.

This brightly coloured comic sticks to a Disney adventure film-esque driven plot and with the first issue finishing on a cliffhanger, you are sure to be left wanting more.

The first issue is on all good comic book store’s shelves now.