Dima Watermelon bringing his Ukrainian Dream show to Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2024

Posted on 29 May 2024
By Khyle Medany
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Like all stand-up comedians, Dima Watermelon has a dream… his dream runs deeper than bringing his debut stand-up hour to Edinburgh Fringe 2024. But he’s doing that, too.

Ukrainian Dream is a show that explores the state of the world from Dima’s unique perspective. As a Ukrainian citizen, laughter is the best way he can cope with everything that’s happening in the world right now.

Dima’s comedy is wild, biting and his jokes often have a dark edge. His style was described as ‘deadpan absurdity’ by Stewart Lee when he saw Dima’s split show From Ukraine With Laughs with Pavlo Voytovych in 2022.

Dima’s debut hour is all about following your dreams, the quirks of living in our diverse global society, and the absurdity of existence. Watermelon is his real surname, simply translated into English.

Born and raised in Ukraine, Dima moved to Berlin nine years ago in pursuit of a better life. He immediately started doing stand-up comedy in order not to lose his sense of humour while integrating into German society.

After many unsuccessful years attempting to become German, Dima gave up on life. He quit his day job as a software developer and started doing comedy full-time.

Ukrainian Dream is an inspirational comedy show for disturbing times. Expect spicy jokes and ridiculous life stories about world politics, Berlin techno clubs, emigration, online dating, interracial relationships, shark attacks, and more…

Dima Watermelon: Ukrainian Dream advance tickets (£10) are available to book here.


Dima Watermelon is a 33-year-old Ukrainian residing in Berlin. And yes, Watermelon really is his real surname, simply translated into English.

Being naturally funny, Dima discovered his comedic appeal when pranking friends after he moved to study Computer Science in Finland in 2013.

After spending two winters in Finland Dima started feeling a bit homesick, but not homesick enough to go all the way back to Ukraine. Berlin seemed like the perfect compromise, particularly East Berlin, which Dima has called home since 2015.

Within a few years, Dima established himself as a regular comedian in the Berlin stand-up scene. Over the course of his career, Dima has performed in more than 20 countries, including renowned locations like the Gotham Comedy Club in New York, the Comedy Store London, and the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

Living in three different countries, and visiting over 40, Dima is no longer simply Ukrainian, but not quite European either. Stuck in this absurd cultural limbo, he finds laughter is his best coping mechanism.

Dima produces regular hit comedy shows in Berlin and tours around Europe.
Listing Information

Title: Dima Watermelon: Ukrainian Dream
Venue: Laughing Horse’s The Raging Bull (Cellar)
Ed Fringe link: https://tickets.edfringe.com/whats-on/dima-watermelon-ukrainian-dream
Fringe Venue Number: 332
Dates: Aug 1 – 25
Time: 17:15 Duration: 1 hour Entry: £5 adv. / PWYW at venue. Age: 18+