Diesel Be Stupid manifesto – create ideas – win £50K

Posted on 19 July 2010
By Andy Johnson
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Diesel want you to Be Stupid. Win £50,000 to launch your own creative project that when you’ve talked about it to friends and family they’ve always said ‘don’t be stupid.’

Created by two man London agency Anomaly, their current campaign pits ‘stupid’ against ‘smart’, with smart meaning stiff and risk-conscious, while ‘stupid’ entails being brave, daring and creative.

“To be stupid is to be brave, when you risk something, that’s stupid,” says the creed. “The stupid aren’t afraid to fail. Why? Because they’re stupid! We think that you are probably pretty stupid too.”

Diesel’s Be Stupid manifesto hails founder Renzo Rosso, who built his manufacturing empire by breaking through with an idea to sell jeans that looked worn and secondhand.

“Renzo Rosso is stupid…

“Stupid is motoring around in your Ford transit and visiting shop owner after shop owner, trying to sell your brand new denim made to look worn.

‘It’s a sign of innovation. When you are already doing the things nobody even thinks about.’ That’s a very stupid quote, Mister Rosso. Respect.”

Speaking to Purple Revolver, Diesel broke down their creative strategy:

* Find the most creative partners to work with
* Give them a very clear brief
* Evaluate everything to ensure it fits our brand DNA
* Buy great ideas not adverts
* Execute with Excellence

Start the process again.

To keep Diesel apace with other creative brands they are putting increasing emphasis on Guerilla marketing campaigns over traditional ad space.

They launched the idea with a 100 day Be Stupid campaign, leaving Diesel tees and jeans on washing lines and frozen inside ice sculptures in cities across the world.

Central to Diesel’s brand identity is to enable other creatives to engage with the brand and talk to others to achieve their goals.

Be Stupid. Win £50K, submit your stupid idea http://www.bestupidwithfiftyk.co.uk/