Detroit Social Club lost drunk guitarist at Glasto

Posted on 14 October 2010
By Oliver Logan
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Detroit Social Club are notorious for their hard partying, hard drinking lifestyle on the road.

Lead singer David Burn has been talking about their blurry eyed, debauch antics while at this years Glastonbury.

He said: “We lost our guitarist at Glastonbury until we got a drunken phone call from him saying he was on stage.”

“We tracked him down and he was directing roadies setting up for MGMT. We couldn’t believe it. He was just standing there ordering all these guys about.”

In his drunken state he must have come across as quite the convincing foreman, as Burn continued: “They took him really seriously- don’t know how.”

The bands leading track Northern Man has featured on Sky Sports this season, on both Premier League and Champions League shows.

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