Dead Fest 2014 Liverpool – Purple Revolver’s undead army want you

Posted on 28 October 2014
By Lewis Calvert
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Lock your doors and barricade your windows Dead Fest Liverpool is almost here.

Ripped flesh, eats brains, the living dead, bites with no conscience. Question: What do all of these things have in common? Everybody knows I’m a mother effing zombie!

Purple Revolver are putting together a zombie army to take over town, break records and drink copious amounts of alcohol.

Friday the 31st will see a flesh mob, like a flash mob, only deader, overrun the city with all the blood-curdling details to be revealed closer to the night.

DeadFest will also boast a zombie bar crawl – or trademark slow walk – for all participants taking place around Seel Street in the city best bars Aloha, Salt Dog Slim’s and Heebie Jeebies.

You can take more shots to the head at the VIZ (Very Iimportant Zombie) after party at East Village Arts Club, which will be dead good as well.

It promises to be a fantastic night and just think when morning breaks, you’ve got red on you and your kebab, roaming the streets, looking half dead, muttering inaudible sentences, at least this time you’ve got an excuse.

The UK record for the most zombies in one place currently stands at 1,100, so we need as many Walking Dead, Dawn of the Dead, Shaun of the Dead, Zombieland, 28 Weeks Later fans as possible.

The mob will be captured by a team of professional videographers as part of a behind the scenes documentary for Liverpool Bay TV so aspiring actors should sign up immediately to increase their portfolio and be part of history.

There’s a limited amount of Zombie VIPs – (only 200) – who will get TV standard make up and be featured heavily on camera. VIP zombie wristbands are selling out fast and are on first come, first serve basis, so hurry.

There are two tiers of zombie wristbands you can buy:

Zombie VIP – £10: professional TV standard zombie make up, feature heavily on camera in the events coverage, free Purple Revolver Amy Winehouse tee shirt, free entry for all DeadFest venues and a zombie drink at DeadFest’s after party.

Undead Army – £5 – zombie make up, free entry for all DeadFest venues and a special zombie shooter.

Buy your passport to Hallowe’en madness via Skiddle:’s/Dead-Fest-2014/12263634/

You can also hits us up with any questions via:

The flash mob will run in co-ordination with:
Liverpool Bay TV –
East Village Arts Club, Seel Street:
Aloha Tiki bar – Seel Street: